Angular カンファレンス(ng-conf 2015)のスライドまとめ

Angular カンファレンス ng-conf 2015 が 3/5 〜 3/6 に開催されていました。

スライドを捕捉でき次第、リンクを追加していきます。動画は YouTube のほうで視聴できます。


Day 1 Keynote — Brad Green & Igor Minar

State of Angular 1 — Pawel Kozlowski & Lucas Galfaso

The New Router — Brian Ford

Prototyping with Angular? YES!! — Kelly Knight & Dirk Ginader

Fast from the Start — Jeff Cross

Creating Container Components in Web Components and Angular — Kara Erickson & Rachael L Moore

#ngTasty — Leonardo Zizzamia

TypeScript and ES6 — Dan Wahlin & Andrew Connell

Make more Angular devs now! Community-building how-to — Judy Tuan

ng-wat — Shai Reznik

Accessibility Testing Made Easy — Julie Ralph

Why Realtime Matters — James Tamplin

ng-model-options in 5 minutes — Kent C. Dodds

How to Teach Angular to your Kids — Katya Eames

Run digest cycle in web worker — Dr. Gleb Bahmutov PhD.

$asqwatch is real — William Scott Moss

Ionic + Angular: Superpowers for Mobile App Development — Adam Bradley

Angular Behind The Scenes — Rodric Haddad


Angular 2 — Miško Hevery & Rado Kirov

Binding to the Cloud with Falcor — Jafar Husain

TypeScript and Angular 2.0 — Jonathan Turner

What’s new in ngAnimate — Matias Niemelä

Building Platforms with Angular — Jen Bourey

Reactive all the things — Ben Lesh & Martin Gontovnikas

Angular 1 meets Angular 2 — Michał Gołębiowski

Digging into Angular Style Guide Decisions — John Papa

Better i18n for your Angular apps — Chirayu Krishnappa & Pascal Precht

Badges? We don’t need no stinkin’ badges! — Lukas Ruebbelke & Geoff Goodman

Build a Material App — Thomas Burleson & Naomi Black

Angular + React = Speed — Dave Smith

Change Detection Reinvented — Victor Savkin

(super)Power Management — Igor Minar

Angular Team Panel/QA — Googlers